Completely free for schools.

Keep 100% of ticket sales.

Increase revenue and avoid fees.

Keep 100% of ticket sales.

Set the ticket price for each event and keep all ticket revenue. GoFan adds a convenience fee for attendees, as low as $1 per ticket.

Credit card fees covered.

Give your community the convenience of credit card transactions without losing money to fees or complicating your reconciliation process.

Convenient payout.

Receive revenue weekly by ACH direct deposit into your account or by mailed check. Payment reports are emailed weekly and available at PlayOn HQ.

Simplify payment processes.

No cash to count.

Eliminate cash to avoid errors and speed up the reconciliation process. Improve security and streamline financial reporting.

Less staff needed.

With no cash to count, no tickets to sell, and a faster check-in process, you won't need to ask as many of your busy staff members to work at events.

Audit-ready data.

Be prepared for audits with detailed financial reports and breakdowns by event type, ticket type, and revenue received.

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