Get time back in your day to elevate your program., engage your community., support your staff., grow your fanbase., empower your students., build your brand.

Enrich the event experience with an all-in-one solution for ticketing, fundraising, concessions, sponsorships, and streaming.

Get time back in your day.

Enrich the event experience with an all-in-one solution for ticketing, fundraising, concessions, sponsorships, and streaming.

Make events easy.

Imagine entering schedules once, setting up entire seasons in minutes, selling tickets online and onsite, accepting digital payments for concessions, raising funds effortlessly, and streaming all your events live and on demand. With GoFan, all of this is possible and more - with one provider and dedicated customer support.


Digital Ticketing

Create, promote, manage, and reconcile all your events in one place. Provide the fastest gate experience for your fans with flexible ticketing and payment options.

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Now you can easily accept digital payments for concessions at all your school events with faster checkouts, shorter lines, and higher sales.

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Raise funds effortlessly for your programs and activities. Now your fans can contribute to your causes while discovering events they love.

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Provide high-impact sponsorship opportunities for a local business with your event tickets to build community engagement and earn more revenue. Our team will secure a sponsor for you.

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By the Numbers

See why the majority of schools and state associations partner with GoFan.



Official ticketing partner for 80% of all state associations.


Over 30M tickets sold to high school events nationwide


20 years serving over 10,000 high schools

"Our principal and I have received calls and emails from fans thanking us for going 100% digital. GoFan is easier, it's safer, moving forward our world is safer. Our bookkeepers are happy. It's been a phenomenal experience."
Brian Warwick
Athletic Director, Stillwater School District (OK)
"GoFan has totally changed the face of our fans' experience when entering sporting events in our district. GoFan is quick, easy, safe, and reliable. We are grateful to have such an amazing ticketing system for our fans and stadium workers to use."
Andre' Walker
Athletic Director, Houston ISD (TX)
"If you give people an option, they will defer to the old way. So for us, it was important to be ALL IN. We had a little resistance at the beginning, and now GoFan is the best financial solution we could have asked for! We're never going back!"
Tammie Talley
District Athletic Director, Duval County Public Schools (FL)
"GoFan just made it really smooth, really fast, and convenient for everyone."
Remigio Gordillo
Athletic Director, Millennium High School (AZ)
"Since we've got GoFan, it's been seamless; it's been great. I love the daily reports. The financials are easy to follow. I know exactly how much money we made from last night's basketball game."
Edward Call
Athletic Director, Kingston High School (WA)
"GoFan has made it really easy for us as athletic directors to free up our time to do other things."
Brady Pond
Athletic Director, Westwood High School (AZ)

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